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Robots are carriers. Services and Solutions are core business. Depend on your business, we provide the best solutions for you with the most suitable robots. 

GreetBot & Cheetah Screen







 VandBot & DelieveryBot

Shopping mall


Music House



Fansy Apartment Building

Cheetah Café & Xarm

Modern Café House

Train Station & Airport & Ferry Harbor

Music House & Art Station

Show & Events

Our service robots can be used in many different situation. For example, our GreetBot can very well being used in hospital, company as receptionest. In museum, it can speak multi languages and gives guided tour every hour. DelieveryBot could be used in the hospital to deliever garbage, transport medicine for infectious disease patients. Especially during Covid-19 pandanmic period, it is important to reduce the personal communication between nurse and patients. Our VandBot (FanBot) is an AI build in moving vand-machine. It is best to be used in shopping mall, music house and gyms. Cheetah Café is a pefect eye cathcing machine which could be good to be used in the airport, malls and music house.


Cheetah’s solutions is not only base on providing a robot to your business or authority, but more to find the most useful robot and design the system suitable to your business. Our cloud driven robots’ great function is to make sure the robots run smooth according to your needs.

Such our GreetBot, functioning with Nature Language Process (NLP). It gives possibility for visitor to talk to the robot like realy human coversation. System Intergration allows all robots intergrte with other software in the enviroment to archive a better service. 

We tend to bring the robots out of lab and industrial enviroment into everyone’s life. Robots are no longer can be seen in special unit or TV but right beside you. This is the solutions we are creating for your busienss and the public. 

Our on-going solutions

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